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GeoCompany is a Brazilian company, specialized in environmental, geotechnical and civil solutions for infrastructure. It’s mission is to bring modern techniques of civil and environmental engineering to Brazilian clients.

In the environmental area, our services include environmental audits, evaluation of environmental liabilities, solid residues, contamination of the soil and of the underground water, and remediation of polluted sites, for customers as government agencies, dealerships of public services, industrial companies, real estate companies, juridical offices, banks and other consultancy companies.

Our team has civil engineers and environmental, geologists, hidrogeólogists, and specialized technicians, with wide experience in environmental services. We possessed agreements of technological cooperation with C5Plus Co. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada (specialized in the detection of volatile pollutants-derived of petroleum-in the underground: www.c5plus.com).

GeoCompany has as Technical Director Engineer Roberto Kochen, Doctor by the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, where it teaches Mechanics of the Soils, Foundations, Tunnels and Buried Works. It is Director of the Department of Civil Engineering of the Institute of Engineering of São Paulo, since 2.000. It was Director of Environment of SINAENCO-National Union of the Companies of Architecture and Advisory Engineering, from 2002 to 2005. It is Technical Director of UPADI (Panamerican Union of Associations of Engineers, congregating 2,35 million engineers in the American Continent), since 2002.

The Technical Qualification of GeoCompany, enclosed, it is attested by World bank-BID (DACON- Dates on Consultants-Registration Number 3382), by ONIP-National Organization of the Petroleum Industry (Certificate no. 3880/04), and for IBAMA-Brazilian Institute of Environment-Ministry of the Environment (Consultancy Environmental Technical Class 6.0-I Register no. 587.062).

Our areas of performance are illustrated through the photographic documentation to follow. Visit our site (www.geocompany.com.br), and know more about our services.