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GeoCompany is a Brazilian company, specialized in environmental, geotechnical and civil solutions for infrastructure. It’s mission is to bring modern techniques of civil and environmental engineering to Brazilian clients. Read more

Areas of Performance

Oil & Gas
Tied back Walls, Instrumentation and Monitoring of Geological Instabilities.
Definitive Stabilization, Evaluation of the Environmental Damage, Contentions in Soil Stapled, Executive projects and Technical Assistance.
Numeric modeling.
Environmental Liabilities, Project of Environmental Recovery, Environmental Impacts of Road Works, Plan of Environmental Control, Definition of Impacts in the Flora and Environmental sampling.
Deep Foundations, Special Foundations and Underwater crossing.

Technical Qualification

National Organization of the Industry of the Petroleum
Certificate Number 3880/04
World bank and IDB
(Inter-American Development Bank)
DACON Data on Consultants