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Areas of Performance

In the environmental area, our services include environmental audits, evaluation of environmental liabilities, solid residues, contamination of the soil and of the underground water, and remediation of polluted sites, for customers as government agencies, dealerships of public services, industrial companies, real estate companies, juridical offices, banks and other consultancy companies.

Oil & Gas

Gasbol (TBG-Transp. Brasileira Gasoduto Bolívia - Brazil)
Executive project of Tied back Walls and Instrumentation of Rio Curriola’s Hillside

Gasbol (TBG-Transp. Brasileira Gasoduto Bolívia - Brazil)
Mapping, Inspection, Diagnosis and Monitoring of Geological Instabilities along 2.500 Km of the Gas Pipeline Bolívia Brazil


Highway Anchieta, Ecovias of the Immigrants, São Paulo, Brazil
Evaluation of the Definitive Stabilization and of the Environmental Damage in Soil Mass Failure of 500.000 m3 of Soil and Rock, happened in the Km 42 of Rod. Anchieta.

Highway Raposo Tavares, DER, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive project of Contentions in Soil Stapled in the Duplication of the Raposo Tavares Highway, Outline of Cotia, São Paulo

Station of the Light, CPTM, São Paulo, SP
Underground enlargement of the Station of the Light,: Consultancy to the Executive Project and Construction

Station of the Light, CPTM, São Paulo, SP
Station of the Light, Propped Excavation of the Mauá Street

Marine terminal, Sao Luiz, Brazil (Odebrecht / Cia. Vale do Rio Doce)
Tunnel of the Transportation Wagons

Rodoanel of São Paulo, Elo Oeste, DERSA
Executive projects, Tunnels 1 to 3, and Technical Assistance


ETE New Porto, Caraguatatuba, SP, SABESP
Special foundations with Caps on Premolded Piles of Concrete

ETE Indaiá, Caraguatatuba, SP, SABESP
Deep Foundations, Special Foundations and Underground Excavations for works of Sanitation (ETE’s, ETA’s, EE’s, Interceptors, Collectors, etc. ) in the State of São Paulo

ETA Cubatão, São Paulo, SABESP
Enlargement of Decanters - Area Dug for Implantation of the Filters

Main Collector São Vicente, SABESP, São Paulo
Tunnel Execution in Pipe Jacking with Shield EPBM

Recovery of Anaerobic Ponds with 960 m of Extension

Water main Santos-Guarujá, SABESP
Underwater crossing under Channel of Santos Port in Directional Drilling


DER / BID (Program of Recovery of Highways, State of São Paulo)
Environmental Liabilities, Project of Environmental Recovery, Environmental Impacts of Road Works, Plan of Environmental Control, Definition of Impacts in the Flora

Citrosuco Port Services, Santos Port, São Paulo.
Environmental licensing of the Terminal of NFC
(“Non Frozen Concentrate”- Concentrated Orange juice)

Natrontec, RJ, Brazil
Environmental sampling with Geoprobe in Industrial Area,
Metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro

Fuel Station, Metropolitan Area, SP, Brazil
Environmental sampling in Research of Environmental Passive


UHE San Francisco, Odebrecht Eng. and Constructions, Ecuador
Numeric modeling of the Generator House in Fractured Rock,
with 22 m of width and 48 m of height

UHE Itá, Rio Uruguai, SC, Odebrecht / CBPO would Engineer, Brazil
Numeric modeling of the Intake Tunnels (15m of width and 17 m of height), and the Spill Channel